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Our Clients

Work that Ensures Business Success


Great ideas alone won't get you where you need to go. It takes proven marketing expertise and innovative strategy skillfully executed with consistent production to get the job done.

CaronSunshine delivers successful B2B and B2C marketing campaign results that ensure a valuable customer journey. We provide our clients from all industries with the experience they need to achieve maximum growth and increase sales by using our broad expertise.


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 Orlando Health
Electronic Healthcare Record System Introduction To External Audiences

As part of an enterprise-wide initiative to implement a new electronic health record system, community healthcare professionals had to learn a new system built just for their needs. We created assets to help educate their numerous audiences and provide sales reps with information to share with their clients.

Marriott Vacation Club

Mobile App Launch

As part of a launch program for a new mobile app, we used an email campaign to encourage activation. We continuously tested various creative elements and messages and used the data results to heighten engagement and shorten the time to market.

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Federated Hermes

Fresh Identity Leveraging Trust And Stellar Reputation

A highly regarded mutual funds company created a separate entity for clearing services. Research results were a primary driver for determining brand messages, look and feel, etc. We leveraged Federated's excellent reputation but created a tech image that drove new branding, increased leads, and helped reduce the sales cycle.


New Website

We re-designed the existing website look and feel to drive the maximum number of sales leads and shorten the sales cycle. The content was created according to A/B testing results. Our team used an integrated campaign approach of SEO-optimized content,  digital ads, and retargeting to drive prospects to the website.

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Marriott International 
App Launch Email Campaign

The mobile app launch was initially released to a limited audience, and we used email as the primary channel. We conducted A/B testing to determine the most influential creative elements and copy needed to drive maximum engagement.

Orlando Health 

Brand Guidelines and Standards


To present an enterprise-wide electronic health record system to internal end-users, we created an AI persona and named her Ellie. The team built an Ellie brand to encourage new system engagement,  update internal audiences on project status, and educate end-users about benefiting from the new system.

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